Interactive Learning

1st sub-category: Grades 5 through 8 

2nd subcategory : Grades 9 through 12 

Individual projects: 1 student per a project 

Team projects :    2 students per a project

Language : English


 The purpose of this category is to design a digital ICT platform where learners can access a pre-selected school subject. The digital content should teach the subject in an attractive and interesting way using proper animations and simulations. It can involve audio and visual materials to target different learner profiles. It should contain examples of practical applications from everyday life, nature and technology. The software programs used to design and produce this content are not specified. Any type of presentation and animation tool can be used. The content should be suitable with the subject and shouldn’t violate the ethic rules listed in the regulations of the contest.

The use of any web programming language (php, asp, jsp, cgi, peri, html, xml, xhtml, cfml, action script, sql, cold fusion, VBScript, javascript. etc.) and other software (photoshop, flash, autocad, etc.) are arbitrary.

Also any websites like the followings might be useful: Voki:

The criteria to judge the projects will be with respect to its design, page navigation, content, technology, communication, originality, security, and ease of use.

 Sample project :


Every student is supposed to prepare and bring with him/her a video of between 2 – 4 min of his/her project with the following conditions:

  1. In the first 10 seconds of the movie, the student’s school name and its photo must appear.
  2. Then the running project must be shown in about 20 seconds. For social science projects, this is not the case.
  3. Then student must introduce himself.
  4. Start explaining the project in a time interval of minimum 2 min. and maximum 4 min.
  5. The student must wear school uniform.
  6. The video must be uploaded on YouTube which should be listed only (not publicly available).
  7. If possible, the student can make his/her presentation in front of a banner or roll-up of his school.