1st sub-category: Grades 5 through 8 

2nd subcategory : Grades 9 through 12 

Individual projects: 1 student per a project

Team projects :    2 students per a project

Language : English 

This category is for the projects in the domain of Industry Product Design. It aims for primary schools to teach students how to think, how to design and how to be sensible towards the changing environment conditions. It aims for high school students to sense of awareness, and to introduce some basic values about the concept of design.

The designs have to be prepared in a way, so that they can provide answers for the following questions: 

  1. What does your design do?
  2. How does it do that?
  3. What is the difference of this design when compared with the previous ones?

Prototype Model

Models and prototypes are needed when developing a product or design. Models are very useful in terms of monitoring at which point the design is. A design sample that bears a striking resemblance to your design would be helpful in order to receive successful results from the tests and evaluations related with your design.

  1. Models should be made of the best model materials that are to represent the design in the best way. 
  2. The prototypes are expected to be aesthetic. The functionality of the involved design is in the second during the prototype stage. 
  3. Prototype models are expected to represent the model in the best way. 
  4. The prototype shall be prepared by taking into consideration that there is a limited area 

for it during the exhibition stage. However, there are no limits related with the scales, and materials that are to be used for a prototype. 

  1. The recommended base dimensions for models are 60x60cm.


Every student is supposed to prepare and bring with him/her a video of between 2 – 4 min of his/her project with the following conditions:

  1. In the first 10 seconds of the movie, the student’s school name and its photo must appear.
  2. Then the running project must be shown in about 20 seconds. For social science projects, this is not the case.
  3. Then student must introduce himself.
  4. Start explaining the project in a time interval of minimum 2 min. and maximum 4 min.
  5. The student must wear school uniform.
  6. The video must be uploaded on YouTube which should be listed only (not publicly available).
  7. If possible, the student can make his/her presentation in front of a banner or roll-up of his school.